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January 2017 Newsletter

What’s New: 1099’s & W-2’s are now due to both the taxpayer AND the government by January 31.  Please make sure we have all of the necessary information no later than January 25th.

  • If you are a bookkeeping client, we will automatically prepare your 1099s once we have received any missing information.
  • If you are NOT a bookkeeping client, we cannot automatically prepare your Forms 1099 because we do not have the necessary information. If you wish for us to prepare Forms 1099 for you, please contact us.

Year End: To assist in the processing of year-end financial statements and tax return please bring the following (as they apply to your business) with your regular monthly bookkeeping documents for December:

  • Year end balance on all loans as well as amount of interest paid
  • Inventory balance
  • Accounts Payable balance
  • Accounts Receivable balance
  • Any Forms 1099K that you receive